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Month 3, Day 16, 5 ABY, 11:14 PM

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Jabba the Hutt Murdered by Rebel Terrorists





Jabba the Hutt, Dead at 604 Years of Age


Imperial HoloNews has confirmed that the influential Outer Rim business being and political figure, Jabba the Hutt, was murdered in an apparent terrorist attack by the Rebel Alliance. According to sources the attack occurred while Jabba was spending leisure time on his Sail Barge over the deserts of Tatooine. The Imperial Holonews believes that the Rebel Alliance may have carried out the attack in retribution for Jabba’s capture of terrorist and smuggler Han Solo, who had a large outstanding debt to Jabba. This criminal act of violence has caused a massive shift in power in Hutt Space, as Jabba was one of the leading figures within the Desilijic Clan, and had great influence over the trade lanes crossing into Hutt Space. Imperial officials have stated that this situation will be solved once Jabba’s final will has been sorted out. However, the Imperial Security Bureau is issuing a precautionary warning for Imperial citizens traveling to Hutt Space to avoid traveling to Hutt Space unless it is absolutely necessary. The Imperial HoloNews will keep you updated on this developing situation, and long live the Emperor!



Imperial Forces Engaged in Battle to "Destroy Rebel Alliance"


Imperial Holonews has received information regarding a major battle currently underway near the very edge of known space somewhere in the Western Reaches. According to Imperial Officials, the Imperial Rebels have been caught in a trap, hopefully ending the Rebellion once and for all. On Coruscant, Naval Officials have stated that Darth Vader himself is present at the battle, therefore spelling doom for the pitiful band of pirates, terrorists and brigands that make up the Rebel Alliance the.....




Image of Young Woman in Camouflage Military Clothing Appears on Forested Planet


This is Leia Organa, last princess of Alderaan, former member of the Galactic Senate, and a leader in the Alliance to Restore the Republic. I have a message for the galaxy. Emperor Palpatine—the greatest tyrant civilization has ever known, responsible for death and suffering beyond measure—is dead. He and a second Death Star battle station were destroyed by Alliance forces earlier today. This does not mark the end of the Empire. The fight will continue. But you must take this opportunity. Join us in the foundation of a new Republic to be shaped by the will of the governed. Claim your freedom and your future. Help is on the way





Image of a Death Star, Apparently Still Under Construction, explodes sending out massive shockwave.


Be Patient. Be Strong. Fight back where you can. The Imperial war machine falls apart one gear, one gun, one stormtrooper at a time. The Rebel Alliance is coming, and we want your help to finish the fight"




The Imperial Holonet apologizes for this rebel propaganda, which is obviously not genuine. These terrorists have sliced into our system to spread their lies and cause disorder to allow their criminal allies to prey upon the hard working people of this galaxy. We have yet to receive any further information from Imperial High Command Staff, but when we obtain the information we will provide it to you. 



ISB Warns Rioters to Go Home or be "Punished Severely"


The Imperial Holonet is warning the rioters within Monument Plaza and other locations across the Imperial City to go back to immediately cease and desist in causing disorder across the planet, and return to their homes or else they will be met with severe consequences. Reporters on the streets have witnessed these gangs of uneducated gutter trash topple statues, destroy property, and loot and burn stores of hard working and loyal Imperial citizens. The ISB is actively working with security forces to identify and take into custody the ringleaders of these lawless bands of rioters. Grand Vizier Mas Amedda has said repeatedly that the rumors of the Emperor's death are not true, and that the rioters have been fooled by the propaganda efforts of a desperate and defeated Rebel Alliance.


*grabs earpiece*


I have just received word from one of our reporters on the streets that a statue of Emperor Palpatine has been toppled by these lawless animals. The ISB has given them enough warning, and now I fear that these lowlifes have gone too far. Defacing an image of Emperor Palpatine is paramount to treason, and will not be tolerated. The ISB will not tolerate this kind of behavior, and anyone caught on the streets will be punished severely I fear. Go home people, do not listen to the lies of a rebel traitor. Emperor Palpatine is alive and well.


*glass smashes off screen*





A group of protesters break into the Imperial Holonet Newsroom and one man assaults the anchor, before filming himself in front of window overlooking the Imperial City


Emperor Palpatine is dead! Vader is Dead! The nightmare that was the Empire is over! We are free at last!


Image of TIE Bomber dropping bombs on protesting civilians followed by screams





A New Republic Established


Greetings Galactic citizens, I am Tracene Kane, reporting live from Hanna City Chandrila, where the New Republic has been established. Several dignitaries from worlds within the former Alliance to Restore the Republic have signed the official document. These include of course, Mon Mothma of Chandrila, Leia Organa of Alderaan and Admiral Ackbar of Mon Cala. Other dignitaries from various worlds have arrived, some who have been in exile, and others who have just learned that their planet was abandoned by the Empire. Here within the Core, several ongoing battles are taking place, but it would seem as though the Imperial Navy within the Core has fled, allowing for the New Republic Forces to easily gain control of several planets. As we speak, the Battle for Ralltiir is ongoing, with a high number of casualties being reported from both sides. The bloody civil war on Coruscant continues to rage on, while the people of Corellia has successfully overthrown the Imperial presence on their world, with just a few holdouts remaining in the Corellian shipyards. The question on many people's mind, is where the Imperial Fleet has gone, as the success within the Core was unexpected by both the Alliance, and the Imperial forces. 


​Meanwhile, more dignitaries have arrived, with representatives from RodiaCommenorBothawui, Contruum, Dornea, Giju, Yag'Dhul and Zeltros have arrived to sign the document. Mon Mothma, who will most likely be the leader of this new government once it forms, has stated several times that this government will not become the Empire. Mon Mothma has stated repeatedly that she shall be an advocate for freedom and democracy, and will push for reforms that reduce the size of the New Republic military once the war against the Empire is over.


However, people are not sure why the Empire has not struck back since the Battle of Endor, particularly the fleet which seems to be absent while the Imperial Army digs in for a long fight on several worlds without adequate support. Imperial governors of Corulag, Anaxes, Axum, Empress Teta, and Carida have fortified themselves against a possible insurgency, while other Imperial leaders in the Core have surrendered, or defected to local militias. So far, the only news from the Rim is that Imperial Forces on Sullust continue to dwindle, and it is highly likely that Sullust will be liberated within a fortnight.



Liberation of Sullust and the Iron Blockade


Greetings this is Tracene Kane, reporting for Queen of the Core Network live from Hanna City, Chandrila. As we reported in our last broadcast, the Sullustian underground, with the assistance of the New Republic Fleet, has finally accepted the surrender of the remaining Imperial Forces on the planet after several months of hard fighting. Last year, the famed "Twilight Company" Sixty-First Mobile Infantry, reinvigorated the Alliance War Effort after the Siege of Inyusu Tor. The outnumbered Twilight Company caused enough casualties to Imperial forces that local security was brought in as reinforcements. This lack of planet-wide security allowed the Sullustian underground, led by famed Alliance Leader Nien Numb, to start a larger revolution, ending in the destruction of the Imperial-class star destroyer Herald. After Inyusu Tor, Sullust had been a thorn in the side of the Empire, with numerous ground based assaults failing to recapture the planet. Due to the contested nature of the world, it is believed that an naval attack on the planet was used as a feint by the Alliance to draw forces away from Endor. With the Empire thoroughly shattered after Endor, the large Imperial force on Sullust was left on the surface of a harsh volcanic world, with no resupply facing attacks from both above and below. The surrender of Imperial Forces on Sullust was a major blow to the Imperial Army, already dealing with desertions and defections at alarming rates.


In the Anoat Sector, the Sector Governor Adelhard has shut down the flow of information into the Sector, in order to prevent news of the Emperor's death from reaching his citizens. Adelhard is know as a brutal enforcer, responsible for the deaths of thousands on the planet Anoat due to an apparent biological or chemical attack. Before the battle of Endor, Adelhard had been dealing with a major insurgency of his own, and probably felt that his enemy would be emboldened by the news that the Emperor had died, therefore causing his regime to collapse. Andelhard is not the only one of these "Warlords" in the galaxy, as it is reported that Kashyyyk is in a similar situation.



Imperial Attack on Naboo Fails


In the first real sign of a counter attack by the Galactic Empire, the planet Naboo, the homeworld of the late Emperor Palpatine failed after being thwarted by forces of the New Republic and the Naboo planetary security forces. The Naboo security force was caught off guard when an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer exited hyperspace and began dropping off satellites, designed to alter the weather of the planet Naboo. These satellites reportedly caused hurricanes on the planet Naboo, but they were quickly shot down and destroyed by both the Naboo defense forces and the New Republic. New Republic intelligence has reported that this type of attack may be part of a greater mission, discovered in a raid on an ISB base. Currently the New Republic is working desperately to locate the Imperial Navy, which has apparently consolidated, but nobody knows where. This secrecy from the Imperial leadership has led to numerous defections and surrenders, particularly by ground forces with the wealthy core world of Hosnian Prime securing their Independence from the Empire when the Imperial garrison there surrendered. Imperial forces have lost the surface battles on Metellos and Alsakan, and were forced to flee to skyhooks and the orbital facilities still controlled by Imperial forces. 



Empire Leaderless Following Battle of Endor


With the death of both Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader, the succession of the Empire fell to Mas Amedda, the Grand Vizier of the Empire. However, Mas Amedda has been under siege on Coruscant for weeks since the start of the "Civil War" there, between the ISB and local resistance forces. Admiral Rae Sloane is believed to be one of the highest ranking members of the Imperial Navy to survive Endor, and was believed to be responsible for the retreat and regrouping of the Imperial Fleet to Annaj. However, not much is known of the whereabouts of the Imperial Fleet since then. General Jylia Shale is believed to be the highest ranking member of the Imperial Army, following the death of Grand General Tagge. General Shale was unable to coordinate with the Imperial Navy, which resulted in her forces being quickly routed in the Core by populations much larger than they could control. After the fall of Ralltiir and Corellia, Shale consolidated her remaining forces at Anaxes, while more and more Moffs and Regional Governors throughout the galaxy began to quickly consolidate power as well. One such Moff, is Valco Pandion who is believed to be filling the role of the Grand Moff of the Outer Rim territories. Reportedly, Moff Pandion was nearly caught in a recent operation on Malastare which fell to New Republic forces easily. 



Mas Amedda is Officially the Leader of the Empire,

but some say he is just a powerless figurehead. 


With no real leaders to guide the "Remnant" of the once mighty Imperial military force, large numbers of defections and desertions continue besides in locations where local Moffs have shut off their planet or region from the rest of the galaxy. This has occurred in the Anoat Sector, and on Kashyyyk it is believed, but it is likely occurring elsewhere. It would seem that the New Republic has nearly secured the majority of the Core, while the Empire struggles to maintain footing on the Outer Rim. In what we believed would be a long struggle for the Alliance to push into the Core, has now become a campaign to push out of the Core through the Colonies and Inner Rim. 



Operation Cinder Continues


New Republic officials have confirmed that a series of attacks similar to the ones that took place at Naboo, have been carried out across the galaxy as part of Operation Cinder, an apparent attack on civilians by Imperial forces. The purpose of Operation Cinder continues to be weather related, with Imperial orbital devices purposely causing harsh weather on the planet below. On Naboo these attacks resulted in hurricanes, severe thunderstorms and heavy lightning. These attacks appear to be uncoordinated with the overall Imperial defensive scheme, and have targeted planets occupied by defending Imperial forces. New Republic intelligence analysts have speculated that the weapon systems were designed to quell revolts on planets, perhaps after the first Death Star was destroyed. The orbital devices fell in with the normal satellites and space junk in orbit around most developed worlds, and then were activated some time after the Emperor’s Death. The Naboo attack was first, and was thwarted by the New Republic once they figured out what was happening. Over Commenor, the satellites were easily defeated by starfighters. One shocking revelation is that the planet Burnin Konn, currently under the Iron Blockade, was targeted, when it is still under Imperial occupation. Alliance slicers have been working with engineers to develop a system to identify and destroy these satellites, before they can cause too much damage. 



Republic and Imperial Forces Clash over Fondor


Recent reports show that "Operation Cinder" weather satellites had been activated above the shipyard world of Fondor, still largely controlled by the Empire, and forced the New Republic Fleet to attack the planet earlier than anticipated. The New Republic had avoided the shipyard world, since many believed that it was a rally point for many damaged Imperial Starships following the Battle of Endor. However, the actions of Operation Cinder forced the New Republic’s hand, and the New Republic found itself in one of the largest space battles of the post Endor era. It is reported that the legendary Imperial Special forces group known as Inferno Squad was present to protect the shipyards from boarders, but the main focus of the New Republic Naval forces was to destroy the weather satellites, and then drive the Imperial Navy out of the system. The Alliance High Command believes that the space battle is winnable, but the question will be how many civilians are killed on the ground at Fondor, and how hard of a fight Inferno Squad intends on putting up to prevent the shipyards from falling into Alliance hands. 



New Republic Victorious at Akiva


The New Republic has secured a second major victory after the Imperial defeat at Fondor, when several high ranking Imperial officials were killed or captured when the Outer Rim planet of Akiva revolted, apparently while the Empire was holding a summit there. A group now being called the “Imperial Future Council” had been meeting on the planet, to discuss the future of the Empire. However, famed New Republic hero Wedge Antilles discovered the Imperial forces gathered in system, but was captured before he could send a message to Republic High Command. Fortunately, the people of Akiva were growing restless of the Imperial presence there, and laid siege to the building where the Imperial officials were meeting. Somehow, Wedge Antilles was freed, a message was sent to the New Republic, and the Imperials were trapped in system. The New Republic now reports that Grand Moff Valco Pandion and wealthy Imperial business being and slaver, Arsin Crassus were both killed, dealing a heavy blow to the Empire. Additionally, General Jylia Shale and former advisor to Emperor Palpatine himself, Yupe Tashu, were captured by the New Republic.


New Republic Admiral Ackbar called the chance encounter, “very fortunate” as the New Republic managed to trap these leaders all on the planet at the same time, without many forces to protect them. It is believed that all of these major Imperials left the majority of their forces at their base of operations, and only brought a token force to meet at a site neutral to all of them. Some believe that this is an example of the instability within the Empire, as the Naval leaders, Army leaders, Financial leaders, and Government officials lack trust in each other. Noticeably absent from this meeting was Grand Vizier Mas Amedda, who is believed to be still under siege on Coruscant. Some argue that the New Republic didn’t get lucky, but instead the Imperials were betrayed from within. Some point at Admiral Rae Sloane, who managed to escape the Akiva System, as the possible traitor. 



Empire Abandons Ryloth


Perhaps the Galaxy’s longest running Rebel Group, the Free Ryloth Movement, has finally gained independence from the Galactic Empire following years of subjugation and exploitation by the Empire. In the Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, Ryloth was one of the least popular places to be deployed. Not only was there an active and determined resistance movement on the world, the planet itself was harsh and dangerous. The movement even attempted an ill fated assassination attempt of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader just a few years after the conclusion of the Clone Wars. The planet was popular with higher ranking Imperial officials, due to its spice mines and prostitution industry, and therefore the Empire never could fully remove itself from the planet. In the end, the ground forces of the planet deserted, followed by the fleet, leaving a large collection of Imperial weapons in the hands of the newly liberated government of Ryloth. Ryloth has chosen to remain Independent, but has agreed to send an Ambassador to the New Republic. 



New Republic Wins String of Victories as Empire Goes Dark


Following the unexpected victory at Akiva, the New Republic military has won a string of victories throughout the galaxy, as a second wave of desertions and defections take place. Chandrila is facing a crisis due to its current inability to handle all the prisoners of war that are being shipped there for trial.


Geonosis: Shortly before the Battle of Akiva, New Republic forces secured a Geonosian Droid manufacturing center left over from the Clone Wars. The Geonosians, which were believed to have been killed in masse at one point by an unknown Imperial super weapon, were not present to be liberated. New Republic officials have found a Geonosian Queen, but unfortunately she appears to be infertile.


Fondor: The last Imperial forces on Fondor have surrendered or been defeated by Alliance marines, fighting across the shipyards. Many feared that the Empire would attempt to destroy the shipyards before giving them up, but after several weeks of hard fighting, fatigue and hunger eventually caused the remnants of Inferno Squad, to surrender.


Kuat: Admiral Ackbar and Commodore Agate of the New Republic have begun a Campaign to capture the planet Kuat, or more specifically the massive industrial assets of Kuat Drive Yards. The New Republic has utilized its starfighter advantage to pick apart the defenses at Kuat, which were designed to defend against larger starships. So far the B-Wing has proven itself to be devastating against the Kuati defenders, who have watched helplessly as their own starfighters have been dwindled down by the Republic assault.


Vorlag: Vice Admiral Perwin Gedde of the Empire was captured by bounty hunters working for the New Republic, but unfortunately died in transit to Chandrila. Gedde was apparently being protected by a Vorlaggn crime lord, where spice and narcotics were widely available. It is believed that Geddle died from an overdose. The main story however, is the number of Imperial leaders have recently been found fleeing to Criminal leaders for protection, both from the New Republic and the Alliance. This has allowed a number of criminal organizations to gain large stockpiles of Imperial weapons and equipment.


Naalol: New Republic Chancellor Mon Mothma surveyed damage to a city on the remote planet of Naalol, after a battle there resulted in large numbers of civilian casualties. It is believed that the Imperial forces purposely used the city to defend, so they could use the civilians as human shields. The fighting then became a tough urban battle, where the New Republic suffered disproportionally higher casualties than the Empire. Mon Mothma restated that she planned on disbanding a large portion of the military once the conflict was over, and seemed visibly distraught by the tactics the Empire was now taking.


Anoat Sector: Smugglers have managed to break the Iron Blockade, sparking widespread rebellion in the Anoat Sector. At the moment, Governor Adelhard remains in power, but the various political leaders in the sector have managed to rally forces on their individual planets. It is believed that the spark that set off the uprising was on the Hutt controlled planet of Mataou, where forces of Gnuda the Hutt first drove away Imperial defenders. One anecdote from this conflict is that the planet Hoth, perhaps the scene of the most notable defeat of the Rebel Alliance, has been liberated from the Empire by the Anoat Sector rebels.


Wretch of Tayron: An ISB Blacksite was reportedly raided by New Republic commandoes, resulting in the capture of a great deal of Imperial intel.


Vetine: Luke Skywalker, Hero of the Battle of Yavin, was seen on the planet Vetine, where he participated in an unknown operation. Skywalker has so far been absent from the majority of the major battles, after surviving the destruction of the Death Star at Endor. 



Starhawk-class battleship Completed at Nadiri Dockyards


The first of the newly designed Starhawk-class battleships have been completed at the Bormea Sector’s Nadiri Dockyards, and will likely take part in the ongoing battle at Kuat. The Starhawk was built with parts from disassembled Imperial Star Destroyers, which have been sent to the Bormea Sector to be scrapped. So far the Amity and the Concord have been completed with the Unity scheduled to be completed by the end of the month. There was much controversy in the senate regarding the commissioning of the Starhawks, with opponents against the idea of building a new battleship, while others suggested simply re-purposing the captured Imperial vessels. In the end, the Senate went with the middle ground, which was to have the Star Destroyers disassembled and re-purposed into new vessels. 



Kashyyyk Controversy Causes Divide in Senate


The New Republic Senate was reluctant to send forces to help liberate the Wookiee Homeworld of Kashyyyk, which led to Rebel Alliance heroes Han Solo and Chewbacca planning a controversial “non sanctioned” attempt to liberate the world. The two former smugglers joined forces with some bounty hunters, mercenaries and freed Wookiees, to infiltrate the planet, where nearly the entire population of Wookiees had been enslaved. Living conditions for the Wookiees was deplorable, and the nearly every Wookiee on the planet had a behavior chip implanted in them, similar to the ones they put in slaves to prevent them from escaping. The “Grand Moff” of Kaskyyyk, named Lozen Tolruck performed atrocities against his enslaved subjects on a daily basis, even going as far as actively hunting and killing them for sport.


Despite support from Leia Organa Solo, the New Republic faced its first gridlock, as Senators saw Kashyyyk as a minor prize. Individual planets stepped up to assist, with shockingly, the remnants of the Alderaanian Fleet arriving to prevent the Grand Moff of Kashyyyk from ordering an orbital bombardment of the planet. Remarkably, due to some daring by various parties, the destruction of Kashyyyk has been prevented. Forces friendly to the Wookiee’s cause are now in control of the system. Despite the victory, the planet itself has suffered through widespread environmental damage to the once lush, forested world, as large sections have been cut or destroyed by biological or chemical agents.


The major political risk taken by the parties involved were rewarded following the success of the operation, including the liberation of  a number of notable Alliance POWs who were rescued from Kashyyyk. Opponents of the New Republic point to how quickly self interest groups have developed within the Senate, with many new senators dragging the democratic process to a standstill unless appeased by something for them. 



Alderaan Survivors to Build Space Station from Death Star Scrap


In an ironic twist of fate, the Alderaan survivors have been gifted the scrap from the battle station that destroyed their world by the New Republic. Although in the past four years, efforts have been made by scrapping parties and the Empire to collect the remnants of the original battle station, the Yavin System still has a notable amount of space debris floating about from the destruction of the original battle station. Thanks to the efforts of their Senator, Leia Organa, these scrap has been secured and is being hauled to the System to be used to create a new space station within the Alderaanian Graveyard. 



Kuat and Arkanis fall to the New Republic


The Empire, or the remnants of the Empire, was dealt two major losses as the two strongholds of Arkanis and Kuat fall within days of each other. Both the Kuat and Arkanis campaigns were long and designed to gradually wear the Empire down. The Imperials on Arkanis were trapped in a prolonged siege, which was compounded when the people of Arkanis began actively supporting the New Republic. The ground battle on Arkanis was costly to the New Republic, mostly due to the excellent training provided to Imperial forces at the Arkanis Academy. The New Republic believed incorrectly that the Empire would attempt to break the siege of Arkanis, simply to pull out high ranking personnel on the planet, rather than allow them to be captured. Instead, the weary Imperial garrison fought on without resupply, and eventually was forced to surrender after being dwindled down considerably. Arkanis has suffered extensive damage to its civilian infrastructure, and is littered with destroyed AT-AT walkers, and crashed starfighters.


The Battle of Kuat was also a major victory for the New Republic, and was not nearly as costly as originally estimated. The New Republic tactic of using squadrons of starfighters to target individual defenses, supply depots, or industrial capabilities spread the Imperial Fleet there thin, as they were forced to defend a vast swath of space. Once the mass of the Imperial defenders were divided into groups defending specific hardpoints, the New Republic focused one defender at a time, gradually wearing down the defenders. By the time the Empire began to correct their tactic, and bring the center of mass of their defenses back, the New Republic reverted to their previous tactic of small starfighter attacks on individual targets. Like at Arkanis, the Empire expected reinforcements to arrive, but they never did. Despite the use of Walkers and other tactics to defend the shipyards, the Guildmaster of Kuat Drive Yards convinced Moff Pollus Maksim to surrender, to prevent further damage to Kuati industrial capacity. The Mon Calamari Cruiser Home One accepted the surrender, and then received repairs from the newly captured Kuati shipyard. The site of the iconic and ergonomic Mon Cal cruiser situated among the hard angles of the Kuati drydocks was quite a sight to behold.


With the swift losses at Kuat, Arkanis, and Kashyyyk all in a short time period, it is believed that a possible surrender from the Empire could be on the horizon. 



Battle for Nag Ubdur Drags on


While the Victories at Kuat, Arkanis, and Kashyyyk were all gaining positive press around the New Republic, stories of the horrific fighting on the planet Nag Ubdur on the Outer Rim have soured the mood. The mining world, known for the production of metals used to create durasteel was strip-mined by the Empire; saw Imperial forces fighting with the tenacity of a cornered animal, resorting to suicide attacks, massacres of civilian populations, and guerrilla tactics in order to slow the New Republic down.


Reporters for the Queen of the Core Network attempted to report first hand on the massacre of civilians by the Empire at the city of Binjai-Tin, when they themselves were attacked while reporting, by a suicide attacks by TIE fighters. These graphic images and wholesale slaughter of sentient beings on both sides has had an impact on the citizens of the New Republic, who have grown weary of the war, and hope that a peace agreement can be arranged sooner than later.


"Right. We encountered Imperial forces on the Govneh Ridge—it's a, like a plate shift where the ground bulges, and these tall crystals grow alongside it, and the Imperials were…they were waiting for us. They came out of nowhere. It was intense. My squad leader, Hachinka, she got it in the neck—a blaster shot hit her and the spray caught me in the face and—"

Report from the field by Private Rorith Khadur of the New Republic Army on Nag Ubdur


The Battle of Nag Ubdur became such a bloody struggle early on, when the planetary governor reacted harshly to uprisings among the populace, and then refused to surrender his garrison when New Republic forces arrived. Possibly seeing potential in a governor that refused to surrender, and was now engaged in a guerilla campaign against the “invading” New Republic forces, the Empire actually sent reinforcements several times, something that they did not do for Kuat or Arkanis. The battle then shifted from a minor conflict that the New Republic thought was winnable, to a major battle that might need to be abandoned until more units could be freed up.


Grand Moff Randd is believed to be in charge the Imperial party leading the fighting, feeding Imperial forces into the battle from his own personal territory, and so far has been successful at providing the Empire with some leverage during a potential peace agreement. 



Imperial-Republic Peace Talks to be held in Hanna City, Chandrila


Grand Admiral Sloane, leader of the Remnant of the Galactic Empire has agreed to meet with Chancellor Mon Mothma to discuss a peace agreement between the two organizations. The peace agreements will take place on “Liberation Day” a celebration for the release of the POWs liberated on Kashyyyk. Many are unsure what the outcome of the agreement will be, with some hardliners pressing for the unconditional surrender of the Empire to the New Republic. Mothma however, is more likely to a lighter measure, perhaps insisting on the disarmament of the Imperial Navy. Many senators have already came out against the prospect of a peace agreement, stating that the war against the Empire must continue until the Empire has been destroyed. 



Liberation Day Betrayal!

Imperial Forces Use Peace Talks as Ruse to Attack Republic Leaders


During Liberation Day parade on Chandrila, chaos broke out as the recently freed POWs from Kashyyyk brandished blasters and began firing at dignitaries in the crowd. New Republic slicers were able to determine that the war prisoners had chips embedded in their heads, similar to the ones the Wookiee slaves had implanted into them. These apparently caused the people to carry out these attacks, including severely wounding Mon Mothma and severely wounding General Crix Madine. Somehow in the attack, Grand Admiral Rae Sloane escaped the planet, for the second time since Akiva. Some now believe that Sloane may be merely a figurehead like Mas Amedda, but many are unsure of who then is currently running the Empire.


Casualty numbers are still coming in, but strangely the majority of the people found dead in the aftermath of this attack are Imperial prisoners. The prison on Chandrila which houses the most high profile Imperial prisoners suffered an attack, where several prisoners including General Shale was killed, while former Imperial Adviser Yupe Tashu was apparently set free.


The New Republic forces were put on high alert, but the Empire never sent a follow-up attack to capitalize on the confusion. Instead, the Empire has apparently fled into the Outer Rim, abandoning several worlds in the process.


With Mon Mothma hospitalized, the Senate voted to move the capital of the New Republic to the agrarian planet of Nakadia, although a great deal of New Republic infrastructure has remained on Chandrila. 



Alternate Governments form following New Republic Attacks


As some planets feel that the government is no longer safe. These governments include the New Separatist Union, the Confederacy of Corporate Systems, and the Sovereign Latitudes of Maracavanya. The Separatist Union is popular with planetary governments that were members of the former Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Confederacy of Corporate Systems is popular with corporate planets, specifically the Corporate Sector itself. The Sovereign Latitudes of Maracavanya is a loose collection of pirates under the rule of former slave Eleodie Maracavanya, who has capitalized on the collapse of both the Empire, and the ongoing Hutt Civil War. Eleodie Maracavanya somehow managed to capture the Super Star Destroyer Annihilator and has renamed it Liberty’s Misrule. It is believed that this organization is centered possibly on Nar Shaddaa, but reliable information from Hutt Space is difficult to obtain.


There has also been talk of the formation of an Independent Systems Alliance, mostly located in the Trans-Hydian Borderlands, centered on many of the worlds that were members of the Council of Neutral Systems during the Clone Wars.


The attack on the Alliance leadership on Liberation day should not have caused such widespread political ramifications, as the attacks were difficult to prevent or detect. However, the inability of the New Republic to get anything done has dragged into a new period, where Mon Mothma is hospitalized and the Senate is stagnant. 

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