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Month 3, Day 16, 5 ABY, 11:31 PM

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Civil Wars in Hutt Space and on Coruscant Continue


After several weeks of nearly constant warfare, across the galaxy, the disappearance of the Empire from most of the galaxy has led to an uneasy peace as people prepare for the next reappearance of the Imperial Fleet. The two major ongoing conflicts is the Hutt Civil War, as various slave races or subjects such as the Nikto and Toydaria declare independence. Meanwhile, the staggering death toll on Coruscant continues to mount as illness, starvation and increased violence spreads across the homeworld of an estimated trillion sentient beings. For the moment, it is believed that Mas Amedda is still there, producing propaganda videos on a daily basis. However, the Chagrian appears more and more haggard with each speech, and no longer can be viewed as an inspirational figure.


The Iron Blockade of the Anoat Sector has continued to melt away, as former Alliance hero Lando Calrissian has liberated Cloud City.



Imperial Forces Discovered at Jakku!


Various factions within the New Republic senate have leaked intelligence that the Imperial Navy is located above the planet Jakku, a remote planet in the Western Reaches. This information has been known by members of leadership in the Republic for days, but internal squabbles between factions have forced its existence to a surface, perhaps tipping of the Empire that they have been discovered. The inability to maintain this sensitive information and the need to vote to move against the Empire are hoops that the Republic must jump through to get anything done, and so far it has provided much assistance to the Imperial forces. Looming in the background of this debate, is the Chancellor election where Tolwar Wartol, of the planet Orish, is amazingly leading in the polls. Senator Wartol is known both for his ridiculous name, and for leading a group of Senators who constantly are the opposition party within the Senate. Since the people of Orish poisoned themselves and their world to prevent it from being occupied by the Empire, they have gained some sympathy, but some are suggesting that nefarious forces are at work for such an unknown senator, from an unknown planet, could possibly be ahead of the legendary Mon Mothma in the polls. 



Criminal Elements Work to Prolong Galactic Civil War


The Imperial Fleet has remained at the desert planet Jakku for several weeks, simply baiting the New Republic to strike them. Unfortunately, Senate deadlock and a bizarre Chancellor election have held up progress. However, New Republic agents have discovered the shocking reason why so many Senators have been reluctant to vote to send the fleet to Jakku; they were getting paid by criminal elements not to. This shocking revelation has come after investigators found that the accounts of several senators had received monetary compensation from criminal organizations, or that they were simply extorted by criminal elements on their homeworld.


Criminal organizations such as Black Sun, have found this time period to be very lucrative, both because of the collapse of the Empire, and the collapse of their main rivals, the Hutts. However, with the end of the war looming on the horizon, Black Sun has been working with the upstart Red Key Raiders to both prolong the war, and gain as much influence as possible.


Mon Mothma gave a harsh speech to the Senate in light of the widespread corruption, stating


“Those who vote no: Recognize that you are marked. You will be marked as cowards at best and traitors at worst.” -Mon Mothma, Speech to the Senate on voting to send forces to Jakku



New Republic Senate Approves Jakku Deployment


In what should have been a call by military leaders rather than politicians, in a government already ripe with corruption and obstruction, the New Republic passed legislation permitting the New Republic fleet to deploy to Jakku. Currently we are not sure why the senate would need to vote on this matter, since the war against the Empire did not stop during the failed ceasefire. Secondly, we are not sure why the planetary leaders of important worlds, just did not defy the senate and gather their own forces, rather than listen to corrupt politicians from minor worlds like Quermia, Askaji, Rodia and Frong. Absolute democracy or an absolutely democratic Republic does not seem to work when the powers of corruption in the galaxy simply can pay off a few representatives. Therefore it is likely that the New Republic will need to undergo reforms in the future, or simply dissolve once the Empire has been defeated.


At this time, nearly the entire mass of the New Republic military is headed to the planet Jakku, in a battle where the enemy has decided to make its last stand. 



Assassination Attempt on Mon Mothma Fails


Disgraced Senator and former candidate for Chancellor, Tolwar Wartol, attempted to assassinate Chancellor Mon Mothma with a bomb in her office. Fortunately, the Chancellor was buying a baby present for her friend, Princess Leia Organa at the time, and was out of her office. Tolwar Wartol had lost a great deal of power as more and more corruption was uncovered surrounding Wartol’s strongest supporters. Before Wartol could be arrested however, he decided to kill the Chancellor, and failed in the attempt. However, he did manage to kill Axui Korbin, Chancellor Mothma’s adviser. Fortunately, Tolwar Wartol is now safely behind bars.



The Space Battle of Jakku


The New Republic Fleet arrived in the Jakku System in full force, prepared to meet the Imperial Navy that did not appear to set an ambush, despite having several months of preparation for the coming battle. The Imperial Executor-class Star Destroyer Ravager awaited them, surrounded by five Imperial-II-class Star Destroyers and support craft. In terms of equipment, the Empire was far less equipped than they were nearly eight months ago, during the Battle of Endor. 


The strategy for the Empire was a bizarre but effective one, with the Imperial-II Class Star Destroyers providing cover for the Ravager as it hung in low orbit around Jakku. The Star Destroyers would move around to allow the Ravager to fire, but the New Republic forces were cautious and slowly pressed in without losing many vessels in the process. As the New Republic Forces pressed the attack, gravity became the enemy of the Empire, and soon the formation was too tight to effectively use their original strategy effectively. The Ravager’s gunners were blocked more often than not by a friendly ISD, and the ISD’s were taking a pounding without supporting fire. The line eventually gave way when Captain Groff of the ISD-II Punishment suffered a coolant leak that caused its crew to go mad, and apparently ram the Starhawk-Class Battleship Amity. What followed this move was a chain of events that would lead to the end of the space battle over Jakku. 


Commodore Krysta Agate, hero of the Battle of Kuat, saw an opportunity to take down the Ravager and flew her ship, the Starhawk Battleship Concord into the gap left behind by the Punishment which now plummeted toward the surface of Jakku. Seeing that the Concord was pressing for the attack, the Ravager focused fire upon it, and heavily damaged the vessel. Krysta Agate allegedly then ordered her crew to the escape pods, and allowed her vessel to plummet to the surface of the planet, but not before locking onto the Ravager with its tractor beam. The Starhawks apparently come with a powerful tractorbeam, powered by some secret crystal, which can drag a Super Star Destroyer out of orbit. With the Ravager now lying on the surface of Jakku, the New Republic fleet pressed the attack and destroyed many Imperial ships, with others fleeing the battle. Apparently to some of the Imperials, they did not like the finality of a “last stand” and decided to go somewhere else to have a last stand at a later, more convenient time. 



The Ground Battle of Jakku


When the New Republic arrived in system, they were worried that they might be drawn into a trap, since Jakku holds virtually no importance and is located in a remote and untraveled region of the Western Reaches. However, intelligence briefed ground teams of a hidden “weapons facility” which most likely was part of some trap to be discovered later. In hindsight, the New Republic probably should have not begun landing ground forces on the planet until the space battle was over, because a number of these ground forces were crushed by the various starcraft falling out of the sky on them. Despite these losses, the gamble almost paid off. Apparently the hidden weapons facility was actually some massive Dark Matter Sith weapon of some sort, and it was primed to destroy both the Imperial and New Republic Fleet. Fortunately, Nora Wexley, the bounty hunter/Y-Wing Pilot managed to assist in the destruction of the secret weapon.


The Imperial forces on Jakku were feral, undisciplined and wild to the point that the New Republic found itself fighting a guerilla war against Stormtroopers, rather than the other way around. Although the mop up operations may take months, if not years to finish, Jakku is not known for producing food, so it is more than likely that if the New Republic pulls its forces off Jakku, the Imperials will eventually just starve to death.


An anecdote to this story is that two star crossed lovers from the same home planet; Captain Ciena Ree of the Empire, and Commander Thane Kyrell of the New Republic Marines, ended up together at the end of the battle. Captain Ciena Ree was planning on going down with the ship as her Star Destroyer, the Inflictor plummeted towards the surface of the planet. However, it just so happens that her boyfriend, Commander Kyrell and his band of New Republic Marines just captured the bridge. So Commander Kyrell shot Captain Ree with a stun blast, and tossed her into an escape pod. This love story unfortunately was cut short, when Captain Ree was hauled off to be processed as an enemy prisoner of war. 


The Galactic Holonews service apologizes that it does not have more on this huge battle, but our main team embedded with the Republic Commandos was crushed when the Ravager landed on them. May the force be with them. 



Galactic Concordance Signed


Following the Battle of Jakku, Mon Mothma met with Grand Vizier Mas Amedda to sign the Galactic Concordance to officially end the Galactic Civil War. This treaty officially ended hostilities between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire. The New Republic Senate will need to ratify the treaty before it becomes effective, and Mas Amedda only represents a token force within the Core and Inner Rim of Imperial holdouts. Following the Battle of Jakku, a large number of Imperial vessels fled into the Unknown Region currently, it is believed that this rouge element intends on continuing its war against the New Republic. Additionally, there is a group of hardliners on the Outer Rim that has formed a Separate Remnant, who has refused to surrender or adhere to the demands of the document.


The Stipulations of the Imperial Instruments of Surrender Include

·         That the Empire surrenders to the New Republic.

·         The Empire immediately ceases hostilities with the New Republic.

·         That Empire remains within predetermined boundaries of the Core and Inner Rim.

·         The Empire is forbidden to recruit or mobilize stormtrooper forces.

·         The Empire must abandon its capital of Coruscant to the New Republic.

·         The Empire abandons its network of Imperial Academies.

·         The Empire organizes into an Imperial Remnant government.

·         The use of torture is banned by both parties. 



Ben Solo Born on Chandrlia


Just hours after the signing of the Galactic Concordance, Princess Leia of Alderaan gave birth to a son, named Ben. The father of the child is of course Han Solo, the legendary smuggler who participated in the destruction of both Death Stars, and famously assisted in the rescue of Princess Leia from execution from the infamous battle station. The parents have said that the child was named after an apparent alias of the Jedi Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who went by the name “Ben” when in hiding from the Empire. Speaking of Jedi, there were rumors that Luke Skywalker, the Last Jedi, was on Chandrila for a short time to visit the child, before departing to parts unknown. 



State of the Galaxy Six Years after the Battle of Yavin


The New Republic


The largest organization in the galaxy is currently the New Republic, the heir apparent to the Old Republic, which has stabilized following the Liberation Day Attacks, and the assassination attempt on Chancellor Mon Mothma. Fears of a central government have stunted the growth of the New Republic, particularly on the Rim where planets did not particularly trust the Old Republic. This distrust of central government has led to the New Republic being a much weaker organization than its predecessors, and possibly led to the signing of the Galactic Concordance before the Empire could be totally defeated. Despite this, the New Republic is popular, even on planets that are not members because of their efforts to destroy the Galactic Empire, and liberate the galaxy from its tyranny. Many of its members are non-human species, due to the large number of non humans that fought against the Empire. 


In a controversial move, Chancellor Mon Mothma disbanded the New Republic Defense Fleet to avoid allowing the New Republic to become the Galactic Empire. This act has led to the rise of several large planetary defense forces within the New Republic, as these troops and warships work their way back to their home of origin. Some of the Galaxy's most well trained pilots, soldiers and naval forces serve in the planetary defense forces of New Republic planets, with the Mon Calamari navy being the largest planetary naval fleet within the Galaxy. Other planets boast excellent ground militaries, with Contruum, Ralltiir, Herglic Space, and Kashyyyk being notable examples. Meanwhile, the starfighter corps of the New Republic members is by far the most talented group in the Galaxy, with planets like Duros, Sullust and Chandrila hosting elite squadrons. In terms of the ability to produce warships, the shipyards of Kuat, Fondor and Mon Calamari are among the largest in the galaxy, although several other planets maintain large shipyards themselves. 


If the New Republic wishes to grow, it must find a fine line between presenting itself as a democratic organization that respects the rights of member worlds, while at the same time being able to prevent criminal organizations or hostile independent worlds from threatening peace in the Galaxy. Although the Empire surrendered, there remains the threat of worlds outside of the Empire, who may be ruled by Imperial Warlords, that may wish to restore the Empire lurking throughout the Outer Rim. 


Following the Liberation Day attacks on Chandrila, the New Republic voted to move its capital to the Mid Rim planet Nakadia, an agricultural world, which was chosen partially because of its tight security. Nakadia boasts some of the best scanning technology in the galaxy, to prevent invasive species from being introduced to their planets ecosystem. 


Current Members and Military Outposts:

Abridon, Alderaan System, Alzoc II, Arbra, Averam, Bespin, Bith Space, Bothan Space, Boz Pity, Brigia, Cantros 7, Chandrila, Chardaan, Chrellis, Commenor, Contruum, Coruscant, Dac, Dornea, Duro, Edan II, Endor, Esseles, Fangol, Fresia, Generis, Geonosis, Gerrard V, Giju, Givin Domain, Hosnian Prime, Illodia, Iphigin, Kashyyyk, Kattada, Kriselist, Kuat, Mygeeto, Naboo, Nakadia, Nentan, Ord Pardron, Orinda, Pantolomin, Polis Massa Polmanar, Polus, Ralltiir, Rhinnal, Roche System, Rodia, Shili, Sullust, Taanab, Talay, Tel III, Togoria, Tomark, Utapau, Virgillian Free Alignment, Yavin 4, Zeltros. 



The Imperial Remnant


The once proud organization whose rule extended across the galaxy is now a fragment of its former glory, contained within the Core and Inner Rim and surrounded by the watchful eyes of New Republic members. The Imperial Remnant is in a difficult position following the Galactic Concordance, which formally dissolved what remained of the Imperial Government, and established a new one that was recognized by the New Republic. Under the terms of surrender, the Empire was banned from recruiting or mobilizing stormtroopers, and was forced to abandon their galaxy wide system of academies which fell into the hands of newly independent worlds, hoping to build their own defense force. The planets of the Imperial Remnant mostly include worlds that were rewarded by the Empire, such as Tepasi, Corulag and Empress Teta, as well as worlds with a strong Imperial Military presence like Axum, Anaxes, and Carida. 


To make matters worse, the Galactic Concordance was only signed between members of the New Republic and the Galactic Empire, meaning that several worlds throughout the galaxy still consider themselves at war with the Empire. Despite being a galactic pariah virtually imprisoned by their former enemies, the Galactic Empire was allowed to remain independent after ceding Coruscant to the New Republic. 


The current members of the Imperial Remnant include: Axum & Anaxes, Carida, Corulag, and Empress Teta.



The New Separatist Union


For some planets in the galaxy, the dream of Count Dooku's Confederacy of Independent Systems has yet to die, particularly on planets that were major supporters of that lost cause. Many of these Separatist Holdouts formed the earliest members of the Rebel Alliance, but they did not fight to Restore the Republic, but instead to restore the Confederacy. The New Separatist Union was formed on Murkhana, a former Separatist Stronghold and Corporate Alliance world that suffered tremendously at the hands of the Empire. The world became a noted for an act of defiance against the Empire when elements of the Confederate Shadowfeed was used to shed light on some of the Empire's atrocities, at a time when the Empire was widely popular throughout the galaxy. The Koorivar, Gran, Human, Aqualish, Gossam, and Chargrian residents of the world set up the New Separatist Union, and soon planets such as Castell, Felucia, Saleucami have joined, with Sluis Van being a late entry into the organization. Although this organization is small, it has potential to grow with the possibility of other former CIS planets seeking to join in the future. The New Separatist Union maintains good relations with the New Republic, as the two organizations fought with each other against the Empire.


The Members as of 6 ABY include: Castell, Felucia, Saleucami, Sluis Van



Confederacy of Corporate Systems


The Confederacy of Corporate Systems was founded by another former member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Ando, who felt the need to remain independent of a central government. Instead, of attracting other former CIS planets, the Confederacy of Corporate Systems attracted several commodities producing worlds, mostly within the Core and Colonies, which included Salliche, Sarapin, and Thyferra. The Aqualish now find themselves in an organization made up of powerful corporations, producing the galaxy's food, energy and bacta. 


The members as of 6 ABY include: Ando, Salliche, Sarapin, Thyferra



The Independent Systems Alliance


Following the Liberation Day Attacks on the New Republic, several members or would be members of the New Republic broke away from that government or decided to remain independent, due to concerns with the direction the Republic was heading. This loose group of planets decided that it would be in their best interest to sign a mutual defense pact, before working on an alternative to the New Republic as a centralized galactic government. Unfortunately, the ISA is filled with independent minded worlds, and therefore the mutual defense pact remained the only document holding these planets together. The most notable planet on the list is Taris, a planet that had supported the Alliance to Restore the Republic since before the Attack on Scarif Base. Additionally, there are planets that fought their own wars against the Empire without much help from the Alliance, such as Mandalore, Onderon and Ryloth. The Ithroians, who had considered joining the New Republic, decided not to when a shipment of precious artifacts recovered from the Empire, were stolen from a New Republic Corvette by the pirates of the Sovereign Latitudes of Maracavanya. Iridonia and Telos IV were both members of the New Republic, who left the organization after the Liberation Day attacks. The Selkath of Manaan were the only planet to sign the mutual defense pact and join the organization, that were not members or considering to be members of the New Republic. The organization is likely to grow, as an alternative to the New Republic, particularly worlds that wish to continue their war against the Imperial Remnant, as all of these worlds left the New Republic before the Galactic Concordance was signed.


As of 6 ABY the Independent Systems Alliance Includes: Iridonia, Ithor, Mandalore, Manaan, Onderon, Ryloth, Taris and Telos IV. 



The Sovereign Latitudes of Maracavanya


Shortly after the signing of the Galactic Concordance, the New Republic received shipping containers filled with the decomposing corpses of Imperial stormtroopers and naval personnel, along with the scraps of various Imperial warships. These macabre gifts were from the Sovereign Latitudes of Maracavanya, which had managed to destroy several Imperial vessels fleeing from either the Battle of Jakku, or were not complying with the Galactic Concordance by attempting to hide on the Outer Rim. What was shocking was that the "Pirate King of Wildspace" did not attempt to capture any of these ships, but instead offered no quarter of rouge Imperial forces. This gift to the New Republic was an attempt at legitimacy by the Sovereign Latitudes, an unlikely group of pirates who have decided to carve out their own organization from the disorganization of the Hutt Civil War, and the fall of the Galactic Empire. 


Leading this organization is Eleodie Maracavanya, a former slave and possible eunuch, Eleodie Maracavanya managed to capture the Executor-class Dreadnaught Annihilator, and renamed it Liberty's Misrule, therefore he is the only known owner of such a vessel in the galaxy. Eleodie managed to liberate his homeworld of Nar Shaddaa from the Hutts, and a large number of pirates or criminal organizations have joined his organization. 


Believed Members in 6 ABY: Nar Shaddaa, Rishi, Rothana, Sernpidal, Terminus and Trandosha.



Black Sun


Although many organizations have grown in the disorder resulting in the collapse of galactic central governance, Black Sun has found itself struggling to reign in upstart competition. This is possibly because of the close ties between Black Sun and the Galactic Empire, with rumors that a leader of Black Sun was once a powerful adviser to Emperor Palpatine himself. If Black Sun was a parasite feeding off the Empire, then it has currently is trying to find a new host. Black Sun was believed to be behind the attack on Chancellor Mon Mothan, and extorted or bribed numerous Senators to vote against military action at Jakku, in order to prolong the war. Fortunately, Black Sun's operatives were exposed before they could fully infiltrate the young New Republic further. Meanwhile it is becoming more common for people to stand up against Black Sun, after witnessing the Rebel Alliance Defeat the Empire. Instead of Grand Space battles, Black Sun is losing a war of corrupt officials gaining a conscience, legitimate businesses refusing to pay protection, and rival spice dealers and gangs moving into their territory. It is unknown what planets are currently under the influence of Black Sun, but it too early to count them out when they have a history of resurfacing right when people think that they are eradicated. 



The Corporate Sector


The Corporate Sector is a complicated place following the collapse of the Empire, because of its history of standing up against nationalization during the early years, followed by a long period of time with its boards dominated by executives from pro-Imperial firms. The Corporate Sector remained neutral during the Clone Wars, which never quite sat well with many within the Empire, who felt that their insistence on selling weapons to the Separatists was an act of treason. The Battle of the Salient System has lingered in the minds of many, when Zerpen Industries fought against nationalization, and created anti-Imperial sentiment throughout the Sector. However, in the wake of the Salient System Uprising, the Empire utilized a new strategy of rewarding pro-Imperial corporations, rather than punishing those who seemed disloyal. This led to the Corporate Sector becoming a major supporter of the Empire, as they left the planets there mostly to their own devices. The Corporate Sector obviously has no intentions of joining the New Republic, but at the same time many of their leaders are can breathe more easily that the threat of Imperial nationalization is no longer a threat. There have been rumors of some Imperials going into hiding in the Corporate Sector, but not enough to cause relations with the New Republic to sour. After all, some of the first resistance elements that would become the Rebel Alliance were born from conflict in the Corporate Sector.



Hutt Space


The Death of Jabba the Hutt and the Collapse of the Galactic Empire would have been easy for Hutt Space to survive and adapt to, had they not been in quick succession of each other. With the Hutt Crime Families mobilized in fighting over the remnants of Jabba the Hutt’s territory, they were not prepared to exploit the sudden power vacuum in the galaxy, which was exploited by other criminal organizations. Hutt Space had already submitted some of its regional power to the Empire following the Battle of Yavin, and like Black Sun, had their future intertwined with the Empire’s ability to remain in control. In the widespread chaos following Endor, the Hutts investment into the Empire vanished as corrupt politicians were replaced, and officials willing to look the other way were forced to crack down on criminal activity. With this weakness came the revolutionary spirit of the Rebel Alliance spreading across Hutt Space, with slave revolts and rebellions occurring even among the most loyal slave species. Toydaria declared its independence, followed by shockingly the Nikto. Nar Shaddaa was even taken by the Sovereign Latitudes of Maracavanya. Since this time, the Hutts have consolidated their power around the Boonta Hutta, the heart of Hutt Space, with Gos Hutta and Mulatan being reinforced against the possibility of an invasion into the Hutt Throne worlds. Nal Hutta, de-facto capital of Hutt Space remains in possession of the Hutts, but in an uncomfortable position since it no longer controls its own satellite. Fortunately for Hutt Space, their main rival Black Sun is in worse shape than they are, and with the New Republic having a much smaller reach than the Old Republic, they have time and room to restore power and possibly even expand their influence. 

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