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Month 7, Day 9, 5 ABY, 5:28 PM

Santhe Corporation

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Santhe Corporation's Family of Companies






Santhe Corporation, also Santhe Industries, was the overseeing holding company of the various Santhe and Sienar corporations. The two main subsidiaries of Santhe Corporation were Santhe Security and Santhe/Sienar Technologies. Through the latter company, Santhe Corporation also controlled Sienar Fleet Systems, Santhe Passenger and Freight, and Curich Engineering.
Less than a century before the Battle of Yavin, Liann industrialist Kerred Santhe acquired a controlling share of Sienar Technologies and its subsidiary Republic Sienar Systems. Narro Sienar took over as CEO from Santhe's son, until his death in 38 BBY. His son, Raith Sienar, took over as CEO of Santhe/Sienar Technologies and Sienar Fleet Systems. When Raith was assassinated, Kerred's granddaughter and head of the Santhe family Lady Valles Santhe took direct control of Santhe/Sienar Technologies and its subsidiaries, and maintained it throughout the Galactic Civil War and into the New Republic era.


Sales Agreement and General Policies

1. Santhe Corporation and all affiliates are not responsible for the use of products after being sold.
2. Neither Customers nor 3rd Parties may reverse engineer Santhe Corporation and all affiliates designs without consent.
3. Products manufactured by Santhe Corportion and all affiliates shall not be used in any acts of piracy.
4. Santhe Corporation and any afilliates may refuse service to anyone at any time.
5. Violators of the Rules and Regulations will face immediate prosecution within the confines of the local courts.
6. Santhe Corporation and her affiliates reserve the right to add or change the terms of the sales agreement at any point in time.

7. Purchaser will be given ample time to pick up items bought, failure to pick up items will result in immediate black listing and items ordered will be auctioned off to highest bidder.


Blacklisted Entities



Order Format

Purchaser = xxx
Affiliation = xxx
Equipment = Item x#
Total Cost = XX
Total Production Value (PV) = XX
Confirmed upon authorized signature = Signed, XXXXX


Contact Information

For sales, inquiries or complaints please contact our offices





    Jaxor Molokai, President of the Lianna System

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​Ground Units/Planetary Platforms



1.4 FD P Tower

74-Z Speeder Bike

Armored Freerunner

Armored Personnel Carrier

BARC Speeder

Compact Assault Carrier/Wheeled PX-10

Defenstar 5000

DSS-02 Shield Generator

GX12 Hovervan

LAVr QH7 Chariot

LNR Series I Systemary Shield Generator

LNR Series II Systemary Shield Generator

Mobile Artillery


Nyalsan Planetary Shield

PX-7 Troop Transport

Reconnaissance Troop Transporter

Repulsor Scout

SLD-26 Planetary Shield Generator

Single Trooper Aerial Platform

Swift Assault 5

Ultra Light Assault Vehicle

WorldArmor 4 Defensive Shield

WorldArmor 9 Planetary Shield 










​Capital Ships



​Orbital Platforms

Shield Gate Space Station 

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