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Grand Admiral Sander Delvardus Speaks on Several Current Issues




Good morning viewers. I am Colonel Valgez, representative and speaker of the Imperial News Network. I come from poverty like money citizens of the galaxy, especially under Imperial rule. I was sold off as a slave as a little girl to pay for family debts. I was used and abused and near death when I was found by an Imperial Commander. The Commander brought me back to an Imperial world and gave me a new life. Grateful for the generosity, I enlisted into the Imperial Military during the time of the Galactic Empire. Now that the Empire has fallen, I was given refuge and a home in The Eriadu Authority. Now that you know a little about me, lets get down to business. I have been granted an exclusive interview with Grand Admiral Sander Delvardus in regards to many questions. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Grand Admiral Delvardus to the show!



Grand Admiral Sander Delvardus

Commander of The Eriadu Authority


Thank you Colonel. Its my pleasure to be here.


CV - Our first topic of the day is the Galactic Empire. What is your opinion of the Empire and what are your plans going forward? Do you plan on restoring the Empire?


SD- Well, Colonel, as you know I was an Admiral in the Imperial Military, now that the Empire has fallen I have set up our own government here on Eriadu and gave refuge to Imperials across the galaxy form the onslaught of the Republic. While I was loyal to the Empire to the very end, I care not for what use to be the Empire. My only concern now is building a new home here on Eriadu for all sentient. I want to make this very clear, we are not the Empire, nor will we be.


CV - The Eriadu Authority uses Imperial Ranks and uniforms, can that be misleading?


SD - In can be Colonel. While I understand it can be misleading, its what was left over form the Empire. We are in a transition phase. As budget and time permits, we will be creating our own identity. Our military is using what is available to us at this time. Although we consider ourselves Imperials, we are not the Empire.


CV - What is your current opinion of the New Republic and what would you like relations to be like?


SD - Colonel, I have no hard feelings for the New Republic. It is my hope that we can continue to grow relations for the better of the future. Its a huge task, but with cooperation it can be achieve. This is what it will set itself apart from the Empire. If the NR comes at us with military force, then they are no better than the Empire.


CV - Some planets are calling you "rogue imperials", what is your take on that?


SD - Good question Colonel. Every world is entitled to their opinion. While we claim to be Imperials, we only wish to make a new home for ourselves and coexist with other sentient in the galaxy.


CV - What is your opinion on the slavery issues on Naboo?


SD - This is a very tough topic Colonel. Many men and women under my command are well aware on my feelings on slavery in general. I will not tolerate it. Every sentient has a right to choose their own destiny. Now in regards to Naboo, I think their is a great misunderstanding. At the end of the day though, I think it comes down to whether the Glurrg are consider sentient. All records show they are not, but what if they can be? I think its a matter of reviewing the Glurrg and possibly reclassifying them as Sentient. I believe independent research teams should be sent to investigate and determine whether they are sentient. Essentially give them a fair chance to prove themselves.


CV - What's your opinion on the IRC and IRR?


SD - Colonel, They are what is left of the Empire, whether or not they choose to follow that path or create their own, then that's their business. It is my hope to at least maintain cordial relations for the sake of peace.


CV - That is all the time we have today, thank you once again Grand Admiral Delvardus for this exclusive interview. We look forward to how you plan to lead us in the future. Thank you everyone for watching the Imperial News Network!






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