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The War on Terror & Visual Culture

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Hey folks,


My masters project deals with the war on terror and visual culture. More specifically this involves a textual analysis of media from the 2003 invasion of Iraq - especially positioning it in opposition to the risk-averse policies of the 1990s interventions (Desert Storm, Somalia, Yugoslavia etc.).


More generally there's a lot of theory involved in my work re: the Western response to the trauma and symbolic challenge of 9/11. My work doesn't involve any ethnographic method (focus groups or interviews etc.) but seeing as I'm in New Zealand and don't have many American colleagues or friends to just shoot the shit with on this I thought I'd post here.


Simple really. What movies, TV series or other visual artifacts and motifs do you associate with the invasion of Iraq, the later insurgency or the greater WoT? Any thoughts or questions are welcome!


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Well I was there, and Before that I was glued to the tv watching it. I literally watched OIF I from the start to when the Dubbya landed on that carrier.

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The wave of "Iraq" media seemed to all come out around 2008; Generation Kill and Hurt Locker stick out as the ones people actually liked



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I may have to think on it more but that era, for me as someone only in Middle School and High School, seems to blend with the release of the FPS America’s Army. A free game that was a recruiting tool where no matter which side you were on you were American and the enemy was a terrorist (the opposite team would be American and see you as terrorist).

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The Game Counter-Strike might be something to look at. The first game came out prior to the 9/11 attacks but later iterations of the game continuing on for the wide breath of that period. The entire game premise is terrorists vs special forces. 

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The Game Counter-Strike might be something to look at. The first game came out prior to the 9/11 attacks but later iterations of the game continuing on for the wide breath of that period. The entire game premise is terrorists vs special forces. 

You could even compare and contrast the latest version of Counter-Strike, known as Global Offensive or "CSGO" with games like Rainbow Six: Siege. CSGO is heavily based upon the original pre-9/11 game which is based in the 90s culture around terrorism, while Siege is loosely based upon a pre-9/11 game (which was based on a Cold War book) but is very much based in the modern era (smartphones play a big role, for example). 

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