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Month 1, Day 1, 3 ABY, 6:25 AM

40k Sim - Rules

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Using the army lists provided, players will build a force (max 2500 points) that will be their force.


Repair and resupply will allow these units to be replenished should they be lost in combat, but they will not be able to exceed this limit.


Campaign Movement:


There are three types of movement:


Defensive Movement

The player can move their force one hex, and prepare field defenses that will give them an advantage when defending. (Moving away from this hex destroys these defenses)


Free Movement[

The player can move through their own territory at a speed of 2 hexes



The player can move up to three hexes, and attack. Any units not in transports are considered 'reserves' and will not start in the battle, but arrive in a later phase.




When a player's force begins and ends its turn in the player's 'hub', up to 500 points of the force may be restored.

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