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Month 1, Day 1, 3 ABY, 6:25 AM


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If you are hankering for something like a nation sim, but can't wait for SWD and don't like other options out there, you might want to try megagames
Its almost the same as a nation sim, but instead of online over weeks, its in person over a day. They're all over the US and UK, and other countries it seems are starting to pick them up. You sign your team up ahead of time and then play whatever scenario they have planned, with each person getting a specific role (Leader, Foreign Affairs, Science, Military, etc).
One coming up May 19th in the link above (for you UK members) is A Very British Civil War, an alternate history where Mosley becomes the Prime Minister at the head of the British Union of Fascists, and in 1938 war breaks out between them, the Royalists (pro-Edward), the Anglican League (pro-Albert), the People's Republic of South Yorkshire (the major socialist group, backed by Soviet Union), the Welsh Home Rule Alliance (Welsh devolutionists with some ties to the Royalists), and smaller socialist groups. Its expected to have 30-60 people total playing, plus control staff. Scenario Handbook Link.
Apparently their most popular one was "Watch the Skies" where everyone plays nations of the world when aliens show up. The first had ~60 players, and the second run and every run after had >300, with people playing NGOs, corporations, and even the Pope. Here is a video of the first run by a group that usually reviews board games on their first time out:

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