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Month 3, Day 17, 5 ABY, 12:24 AM

Leave of Absence Thread


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I'm back. I've completed my move to England and have Internet setup now. Still have to totally unpack and all so I am limited to phone and laptop, but that should suffice for now. Moving overseas is one hell of a process.




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It was quite easy for me, both ways, but I was single at the time.

Round 6: Telos IV
Round 7: Ralltiir
Round 8: Sluis Van
Round X: Chiss Ascendancy, Sub Avatar
Round 11: Head Military Avatar, Skako
Round 12: Head Military Avatar, Head GPOL Avatar - Awards: Most User-Friendly Avatar, Best Overall Avatar, BH's 'Member of the Round' Award
Round 13: Neimoidia/Viceroy/HoS-CIS/Restart Team/Sub-Avatar - Awards: Best Arms Market
Round 14: Chiss Ascendancy, LOA
Round 15: Chief of Staff
Round 16: Corellia
Round 17: Chiss Ascendancy
Round 18: Induparan Crown Worlds/Coruscant - Awards: Most Politically Successful, Most Militarily Successful, Best Overall Player
Round 19: Ciutric Sector
Round 20: Seswenna Sector
Round 21: Mandalore, Eriadu Union State
Round 22/23: Head Avatar, Security Ops/Policy Avatar, Advisor, Senex-Juvex/Combined Syndicates/Ravnican Empire - Awards: Most Military Successful Player, Best MILI Action, Tekaryn Award for Multiple Personalities.

Round 24: Allied Tion/United Kingdoms of Tion

Round 25: Admiral Ackbar/Alliance Fleet

Round 26: Night Hammer Command/Imperial High Commander/Moff Tarkin - Awards: Best Arms Market, Villain of the Round



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It was quite easy for me, both ways, but I was single at the time.

Wife, two kids under 4. It's not easy.



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The mandatory evacuation in my neighborhood has been lifted and thanks to the hard work of thousands of firefighters the fire was stopped before it reached my street. It's estimated that 5% of the homes in my city were lost, with over 1.2 billion in property damage (early estimate likely to rise), and hundreds of thousands of acres burnt. My partner and I are safe and sound, back at home, and returning to work... So I anticipate ramping up my activity here on the site over the next few days.

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Inventor of the Praise Thread

[Round 3 : Lethe] [Round 4 : Kuat] [Round 7 : Kamino] [Round 8 : Admiral Daala, Grand Moff Ardus Kaine & Kessel, Pentastar Alignment] [Round 12 : Kamino] [Round 14 : Aargau] [Round 15 : Koensayr Manufacturing] [Round 16 : Restart Team Member, Pentastar Alignment] [Round 22 : Corellian Sector (Richard Nixon)] [Round 24 : Restart Team Member, Organizations Avatar]

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